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Acción Concreta llega a acuerdo para la representación de equipos Newland.

Newland North America (NNA) debuts as the premier U.S. subsidiary of Newland Science and Technology Group, and will serve U.S. and North American markets. Located in Fremont, California in the heart of Silicon Valley, NNA was formed by a group of talented engineers and business professionals in cooperation with Newland Auto ID Corporation in July, 2008. NNA’s operations include market development, customer service and product R&D.

NNA has received enormous support from various entities in China. In July, 2008, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and the People’s Republic of China issued a permit allowing the Newland Group to expend its operation into the U.S. The Newland Group has and will continue to provide generous financial and product support to NNA.

As newest member of the Newland Science and Technology Group, NNA is committed to meeting the most demanding challenges of the today’s technology markets. Newland North America is always working to offer the best solutions to your technology and business needs.